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Why did you shortchange returned unopened product after a call to you to cancel.

As above..

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Ann McDonald

According to Purity Products cancellation policy, customers may cancel an order by calling Purity Products customer service at 1-888-769-7873. If a cancellation is requested after an order has been shipped, the package must be returned for the refund, as per Refund Policy. Refunds cheerfully provided on all bottles returned within 60 days.


Is reliv now effective specially to babies? Does reliv now have a side effect or is it bad in babies health?

by Cherina

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why did your company attempt to take $48.25 from my account today

by Ryah

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How can I write a review about Purity Products?

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When you are ready to share your experience with the world, these tips might help you:
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  • Describe your issue in details (location where your issue occurred, names of employees, manager or founder, model or part number of the troubleshooting product, etc.).

  • Think a bit over a good title to attract more attention to your problem.

  • Define the company name and the product or service your review is about.

  • Remember about the length of the review. It should not be too short or too long review. The review should contain all details and be effective for the readers.

  • Write a review in a good language, do not forget about punctuation marks.

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You can find a lot of good online platforms where consumers come to share their positive or negative experience with others. For example, welcomes everyone who has a word to say about any business.

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