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Mario, we apologize for the experience. We are reviewing the calls to evaluate the conduct of the representatives you were in contact with. We are trying to reach out to you to see if anything is outstanding. If anything is, please call our Customer Care Manager, Joel Joseph, at 1-888-769-7873.
West Creek, New Jersey

There is a "Customer Care" number that does not help you at all. I called this morning for 2 HOURS and only got a robot that directed my call to a waiting list.

I waited 20 minutes in the first call and 15 minutes in my second attempt but NO ONE picked up my call. Then I called the other numbers posted in the website, I tried the "Sales" number and was immediately answer by a "live" agent who only tried to sell me more stuff, apologizing that she can not cancel my subscription she transfered me to the "Customer Care" phone number just to be left on hold for another 15 minutes and NO ONE again picked my call up. I CALL AGAIN to the 'sales' phone number and was answered by an agent name 'Robert', I start raising my voice out of my frustration and the agent told me: "don't yell at me, ok, don't yell!!!!!" and he was the one who was yelling at me LOL (ridiculous situation makes me laugh right now but was nothing funny at the momment.

I asked for HIS supervisor and he just put me on hold without saying a word (I didn't know if he put me on hold or if he just hung up on me) Then HIS supervisor name 'Robert' too, funny same name for the agent same name for the supervisor. The supevisor told me this: "Ma'am (funny I'm a Man) I understand your frustration but you HAVE to call Customer Care, we can not do anything from here, the time you are spending calling me could be the time you wait on hold for them, so please call them and wait for them" UNBELIEVABLE RIGHT?

I called "Customer Care" AGAIN and some one answered me after 5 minutes waiting on hold, it was a very nice person name "Mike" he took care of my complain and cancell my account, not without trying to convince me to stay with the vitamins with a 25% discount or chose for a different kind of vitamins, etc, BUT anyway MIKE was the ONLY ONE who at least gave me some light in this shady situation, and NOW I have to send the box of vitamins back to get a reimbursment of about $100, hope everything goes well after all this painful moment with Purity....My advise, NEVER NEVER NEVER FALL FOR THIS TYPE SUBSCRIPTION/SAVING CLUBS/AUTOMATIC CHARGE SCAMS from TV, Radio or Internet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Purity Products Customer Care.

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