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I haven't bought the product. At 42.95 x 3 =128.85 a month for 1 support product. This is only for Hollywood people. Those who really need the products cannot afford to buy them. So the sick and ill will remain so.
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Dear Sir or Madam, we appreciate your feedback; unfortunately, we are not able to locate & review your account from the information on your post. We can tell you the price you mentioned is a 3 month supply based on 3 bottles every 3 months.

Our Super Saver quantities and frequencies can be customized at any time.

If you have any questions or would like more details, please feel free to contact our Customer Care Department at 888 769 7873 or email customercare@purityproducts.com. We look forward to assisting you.

Regards, Purity Products

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Reason of review
Pricing issue

Bait and Switch Company | Purity Products review from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

I truly believe Purity Products is nothing more than a Bait and Switch, false advertising company. They offer you a product that they claim is great and guaranteed to work. Then they offer you free trial of this product (which by the way is usually only half of the actual amount is in a normal bottle or canister). The product they send you does in fact work, however that's only to bait you into signing on for an auto shipment. Then here comes the switch. When you receive your auto shipment product now all of a sudden the product doesn't work anymore. When I called to complain about this, I was told that my body might have became immune, which is *** because it was about two weeks after I was done the trial product before I received and started taking the auto ship product, so whatever was in my system that I "Supposedly became immune to" was probably out of my system by the time I started taking the newly shipped order. Besides if your body is going to become immune to their products after two weeks of taking it, what good is it if it stops working in that short amount of time. I believe once they bait you with the real stuff, then they switch to the garbage hoping that because the trial worked so well, now you brainwashed into thinking the garbage is working. Well guess what, I'm not that naive, ***, gullible easily fooled. I'm wondering if I have this product analyzed, will it contain the ingredients that it's advertised to contain.
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Boy, I sure wished I had read these reviews before I ordered. They are very rude when you try to cancel and will stop at nothing to shove their product down your throat.

Charge even new cards where you didn't provide card number. Many of the reviews are my exact story.

Purity- I want my refund!

Saundra Johnson


I signed up for the "trial offer" of one product. The offer said for an additional $4.95 I could get another product as well, that I was not interested in, but my card information was in there and rather than exiting (which I had to entirely get out of the offer), I proceeded.

I had a tear in my colon and decided I did not want to take either of the two products sent. If you read the terms, you have to contact them within 14 days, and get a special number to return the product. I never took the trial offer and was just going to throw it away, unopened. The trial offer was shipped 7-15-16.

I received another package with the same two products 9-1-16 and called and got the special numbers to return and got a cancellation number, yet got another shipment with two days. So, this is two additional packages after cancellation. The "free trial" offer ended up costing me right at $200.00, which I never took and returned to them in Los Angeles, CA. I never opened any bottle and returned it all (3 packages).

If you read the terms, it is very intimidating and threatening that if you reveal even the truth that they will come after you for "fraud".

People don't usually read pages and pages of "terms", and if you call -- be prepared to be bullied.


No, there has not been a resolution or response to my first post. I don't know what resolution could be provided in this case.

I have yet to be contacted by this company and for them to do so, with a resolution would be admitting their guilt, which I'm sure they are not going to do. I can either have the product analyzed with documentation proving my accusations or choose not to purchase said product and encourage future consumers not to purchase their products as well.

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  • Auto ship convenience
  • Prices and quality of product
Reason of review
Pricing and product not as described issue.
Preferred solution
Stop with the bait and switch tatic

My experience has been good. | Purity Products review from York, Pennsylvania

I understood I would pay shipping, and if I wanted to cancel I could. I did so with no problem whatsoever. Later, I ordered other products, and always got what I ordered in a timely manner. When I wanted to switch from auto ship to ordering when I wanted, that was also very simple to do. I think part of the complaints might relate to patience or inability to understand the options given to you when you place a call. I also was fortunate in talking to understanding service reps. I do remember my first call for the product with free shipping, they did try to sell me additional items, but I told them what I wanted, and that was what I got.
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  • Vitamin c and d super formula
Reason of review
Fast order processing
Purity Products's reply to:

Purity Products tries to evade cancelation

Hi Randy,

We left you a message on 12/26. We have issued you a full credit for the last order and we also have sent a prepaid UPS label for you to return the package at no charge. If for any reason you feel the issue is still unresolved, please call our Customer Care Manager, Joel Joseph, at 1-888-769-7873.
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Update by user Jan 22, 2013

After I had to get involved to cancel an order my wife placed I was told it would now be cancelled. That was $113 more than I wanted of their product so I requested a refund for the product that was delivered after we tried to cancel. I was told I would need to ship the product back at my expense and then they would process and send refund. Unacceptable.

I have a friend in the state attorney general office who advised me how to proceed. I told the company that would be my next call. They reviewed their position and gave me an immediate refund and sent a shipping label to return the package at their expense.

Lesson learned. I will not deal with them again cant stop the automatic shipping.

Original review posted by user Dec 22, 2012

Purity Products wants to stop you from canceling your auto ship orders. Don't order from these people!

My wife ordered the supplements. She found she couldn't take them without undue distress. I was able to take the supplements comfortably. Consequently we didn't need such a recurring volume monthly.

She called to cancel but was denied because the order was in my name or on my card. She's the one who placed it originally! Perhaps they should limit joint holders of cards from ordering product or perhaps that's precisely why they do it. It's a scam to keep you hooked.

They deny any knowledge of the prior cancelation attempt "we don't know who she spoke with". So they send another $113 worth of product that we tried to stop. They don't want to credit the card until they get they product back... At my expense and my trouble to ship.

I will be alerting my credit card to these tactics and I have a State Attorney friend.

He'll help. Never buy Purity Products, they may be good products but based on sales tactics that are very questionable I now must wonder about the integrity of the manufacturing process.

Purity Products's reply to:

Scam Alert | Purity Products review from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We are very sorry you had this experience. We want to get to the bottom of it. We want to make sure this issue is fully resolved, but unfortunately we don't have your contact information. We record each and every call and would like to review this one to make sure our representative acted appropriately. If this issue is still pending, please call our Customer Care Manager, Joel Joseph, at 1-888-769-7873. He is willing and able to resolve this to your full satisfaction.
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This company is pathetic... preys on shut-ins and the vulnerable.... and guess I was one of them. Listening to the talk show sounded too good to be true and you know how that is answered !!!

I was shipped a bottle and told to try it for 15 days and take 3 a day (how convenient) so that would be the 90 pills and as soon as THEY calculate your 15 days, rest assured you will be billed..... I have only had this for a week and asked my Dr. (Cartiologist) he said this is a waste of money and a scam also.

I called this morning to cancell and I am not lying.... it took 10 minutes to get them to understand I want to cancel BEFORE my credit card it hit and they send me another shipment, they try very hard to talk you into a delayed shipment and honestly didn't understand the word NO until I began to raise my voice.

This happened to me once before from another company many years ago and the same thing.... but they charged me for I didn't call until the last day... Buy you vitamins @ Rite Aid or any pharmacy or get a script from your Doctor who will tell you to eat right..... and you won't need them. the only vitamin that is FDA and Doctor approved is Vitamin D. Hope this helps just one of you from being scammed..... I will contact the Attorney General if I see they charged me.

Purity Products's reply to:

Recurring orders | Purity Products review from Latrobe, Pennsylvania

We are sorry you feel that way. We have been in business for over 18 years and have more than two million customers and are still growing because of our commitment to excellent customer service. Many have enjoyed the benefits of our free bottle promotions.
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Purity Products Sales Representative

I was very interested in trying this product, I decided to look it up online before buying the product over the 1-800 number, when I Googled it I was amazed by how many negative reviews I saw. I don't think I came across any negativity in reference to the quality of the product itself, it was all based towards the recurring orders and people not being able to actually stop the orders or getting refunds for unwanted product.

My question to Purity is: if this product is all that you're building it up to be, then why are you marketing it in this fashion? If the product is all that you say it is then it should sell itself, without you "stuffing" it down everyone's throat.

So I called the 1-800 number and tried to talk to the sales representative, and I could not get her to say "recurring orders - and charges" she kept saying "if you're satisfied", "if you're satisfied" so after a brief conversation with her, I told her that I would not be ordering the product because they were playing WORD games. Loose the marketing scam *** Purity and you might have gotten my order today.

Purity Products's reply to:

Purity Products Dan Levine

According to our records for customer #100535584, this issue has been fully resolved. If there is any outstanding issue, please call our Customer Care Manager, Joel Joseph, at 1-888-769-7873.
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These people are the worst! after receiving my 2nd order of vitamins the billed seamed too much 280.00 dollar, so I called them up & ask them if I was overcharged, they said no.I told them that I would pay for this shipment but not to send me anymore products,after being on hold for another 20 min.

they said they would cancel my account,i ask for & got a cancellation number, well I just received another shipment yesterday with another bill deducted from my credit card.

This is unauthorized use of a credit card. they should put injill

Purity Products's reply to:

Purity Products Dan Levin CEO

According to our records for customer #100535584, this issue has been fully resolved. If there is any outstanding issue, please call our Customer Care Manager, Joel Joseph, at 1-888-769-7873.
#187956 Review #187956 is a subjective opinion of poster.

After receiving my 2nd order of vitamins,& being billed what I thought was way to much,I called the company & told them that I would pay them for what I just received but not to send me anymore vitamins, after being on hold for along time I finally got a cancellation number. Well yesterday I received another order & money charged to my credit card.These people are the wors! They will spend millions on radio advertisement, telling you how honest and trustworthy they are,but they will go like a thief in the night into credit card and steel money.

Purity Products's reply to:

Bait and switched me. | Purity Products review from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We want to make sure this issue was resolved, but unfortunately we don't have your contact information. We apologize for your frustration. We work hard to accurately present our promotions and to fully explain the specials. We record all phone calls, so we can go back and make sure that the offer was accurately explained. If this matter is still outstanding, please call our Customer Care Manager, Joel Joseph, at 1-888-769-7873. He will make sure this matter is taken care of to your full satisfaction.
#139542 Review #139542 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Purity products sent me a bill for $179 for products I didn't order. They deducted the money from my bank account without my authorization.

They gave me a cancellation number, let's see if they give my money back. I'm going to the bank soon to stop any more debiting from my account to Purity Products.

I recommend that everyone else who's had this problem do the same, and I would not recommend that anybody buy from Purity Products, or take any so called "free offers". A simple trip to GNC or Walmart is much, much better.

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