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Charging an expired credit card is OK? | Purity Products review from Waterloo, Ontario

We want to make sure this issue is fully resolved, but unfortunately we don't have your contact information. It is difficult to provide an accurate explanation without being able to review your account first. If this issue is still pending, please call our Customer Care Manager, Joel Joseph, at 1-888-769-7873. He is willing and able to resolve this to your full satisfaction.
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Late last year, 2010, I signed up for Purity Products free bottle offer. In January my credit card expired; I got another card with the same number but a different expiry date. I didn't provide Purity with the new card number.

But that didn't stop Purity from charging the card anyways. On April 25 another charge appeared. On May 21 I tried calling Purity, but their phone line was down. So later that afternoon I called Mastercard and they patched through the call to Purity.

The CSR at Purity promised that they would refund $92.92 back to my card immediately, and then would refund another $92.92 when they received the returned package. I asked for, and received, a cancellation number for the free bottle offer.

There was no such refund to the card, so I called again on June 3. The Purity CSR promised to inform the credit department, who would in turn refund the money. A few more days passed by; still no refund.

So I called up Mastercard again this afternoon (June 15). They said that the entire amount, $209.22, would be charged back to the card. Purity has 30 days to contest the matter. The Mastercard CSR said that 90% of the time, in cases like this, the merchant does NOT do so.

Apparently, if you sign up for a recurring charge, such as a free bottle offer, the merchant can keep charging your credit card after it's expired.

The onus is on the customer to cancel the recurring charge. Oh yes, and the onus is also the customer to pore over the Cardholder's Agreements to see whether this kind of thing is allowed. Apparently, it is.

This STINKS. An expired credit card shouldn't be charged under any circumstances.

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