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We want to make sure this issue was resolved completely, but unfortunately we don't have your contact information. We are never happy to hear that one of our customers had a bad experience. We do offer customers the option to delay their order rather than cancel. This is a very popular alternative that many customers gladly accept. However it is by no means mandatory. If you received a package that you do not want, we will gladly make arrangements to get that order back from you for a full refund. We are happy to hear that a supervisor made full refund arrangements for you. If there is any outstanding issue, please call our Customer Care Manager, Joel Joseph, at 1-888-769-7873.
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I asked purity products back in April 2010 not to bill me and send another shipment, but someone from their company pursued me to delay the item until a certain date, at that time if I still didn't want the product I can cancel. Let me tell you that I purposely did not leave any money on my credit card just in case Purity decided to have a field day and bill me without my knowledge.

Months later I receive an email from Purity saying they tried to bill me for my shipment but was unable to because there were no funds. Well duh!!! So I call them once again to cancel and not ship, once again they told me oh just delay! Delay!

Delay! Then you can call back and cancel. I hung up.

Mistakenly early 2011 I had money on my credit card and that's when these sneaky lil bastards charged me and sent me not one but two bottles of the *** that turns hard within months of being in your cupboard.

So as soon as that shipment cam I refused it and had it sent back that was over a month ago. I called them and asked why I haven't been refunded they reply the order hasn't actually gotten to them yet until they receive it they cannot refund me. I said fine what about my shipping costs? They said nothing they can do!

That's when I lost it. Anyways after speaking to the supervisor that was when I finally got through to someone. She told me she would refund me in full including the shipping costs.

The moral of this story is these so called corporate entities have no morals so it is up to the consumer to use what is important when we are not satisfied and that is YOUR VOICE.

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