Lansing, Kansas

I made a big mistake and thought maybe this stuff would be decent. I do a lot of juicing and thought I could use this product when I'm in a hurry and just need a quick juice.

Omg... This stuff is awful!!!!!! It contains the artificial sweetener stevia... I took my first swig and thought I was going to throw up!!

And the ingredients are a little shady.... I'd like to know, what is "organic flavor"??? The term "flavor" is not regulated so who knows what is in this ***!

At least the juice I make I know is healthy! Never again!!!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Stevia is not a artificial sweetener.. it a natural sweetener started and used in Japan for over 40 years.

Type 2 type 1 diabetes people can consume this product.You just ddidn't like the taste.

That has nothing to do with lack of health nutrients value. The nutrition value is there.


Stevia is not an artificial sugar. It is a natural sugar from the stevia plant.


Stevia is one of a few natural sweeteners but is frequently combined with other chemicals or sugar in the product you get.


artificial sweetener stevia (not artificial , made from the stevia plant , all natural. ) please know what you are talking about.


Live a little eat a hot dog

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