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Purity Products's reply to:

Purity Products - Purity Product is a Rip Off

We want to make sure this issue was resolved, but unfortunately we don't have your contact information. If there are unresolved matters, please call our Customer Care Manager, Joel Joseph, at 1-888-769-7873. He will make sure this matter is taken care of to your full satisfaction.
#164830 Review #164830 is a subjective opinion of poster.

To start, they send you out the product without any authorization from you. The products are EXTREMELY OVERPRICED, you can go to any drug store & get the same grads for the fish oil at 1/2 the price,with the same amounts of the active ingredients or more.

Do not fall for there scams, as I said try the same products from your Pharmacy & you will see the same results for much less money.

You also have to realise you NEVER get something for free, they will keep charging your credit card until you XL the account, make sure you get a name & a Cancellation # prior to hanging up.


If you like dirty politics, misspelling, half-sased ;) cussing and a Purity Products ad (company response) at the end...keep reading.


Dear out here,

How long has your liberal *** *** worked for purity products??


ummm i think jow *** is as dumb as joe the plumer and sara palin... they tell u a milloin times that u have to call to stop the shipments...

and even expain it to u in detail at the end of the callas to what u need to do and what u need to call...

its a script they read to u, they have to tell u that.... u shouldve listended


Purity products is a scam. I'd rather lick the *** off of a skunks nuts than have them take unauthorized credit from me. Eat monkey balls you ***


Dear Joe ***,

I apologize that the experience you had placing an order with us did not meet your expectations. Customer Service and Product Quality are our highest priorities. We have over 2 million customers and I’m happy to say we don’t get many complaints, but even one complaint is one too many. We record all of our calls for quality assurance purposes. Our QA Team monitors calls to make certain that all offers are fully explained. Our Specialists are expected to clearly state the available offers and options. Once a customer has made a purchase and/or selected a Super Saver (auto-ship) option, the Specialist repeats the product(s), pricing and any shipping frequency to be certain it’s understood. If you feel any of these steps were not clearly presented during your phone conversations, I encourage you to please call our Customer Care Management Team at toll free 1-888-769-7873 and they will make certain that any issue you have is quickly resolved to your full satisfaction.

I also want to take a moment to comment on the quality of our Omega products. We presently offer 16 unique Omega 3 Fish Oil Formulations. Each has our Ultra Pure, Pharmaceutical Grade, Super Concentrated Omega 3 fish oil, 3rd Party Tested - Mercury Free. Each serving is up to 3 times more concentrated than many store brands, which can actually save money. Our Super Saver program offers lower prices, free shipping and delivery flexibility. We take great pride in our products and our customer service which has helped us maintain an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.


Lori Michel

Q.C. Manager

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Purity Products's reply to:

Purity Products not a SCAM

Thank you for your feedback and providing your insight.
#134958 Review #134958 is a subjective opinion of poster.

I myself work for Purity Products. Just to let everyone who thinks they are "tricked" into getting an order they don't want, then please read on.

When placing a free bottle order, it is told to you that you are being placed on the Super Saver Program and have about 3 weeks to call and cancel if you wish to do so before your first order. If you think you receive packages after having cancelled, then you obviously didn't. Whenever a customer cancels, the customer gets a confirmation number for the cancellation. WRITE IT DOWN! Wouldn't you write down confirmation numbers from any other company?

To everyone who thinks that you have no choice in how many bottles you get in a shipment, or how often the shipments are sent out, you're wrong. You can tell us how many bottles per shipment, and how many shipments per year. Shipments can be sent out every 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 times a year! Just CUSTOMIZE your order!

As for not being able to cancel an order when you call in because of the name on the credit card, that is simply NOT TRUE!!! For security purposes, the account holder, not credit card holder, is the only person who can cancel the account. This is because we have had a lot of people calling in to cancel a boyfriend's or husband's or wife's account, without the account holder being aware! If your name is on the account, then you can not expect ur brother, sister, or neighbor to cancel it for you.

I can understand that people do not appreciate the wait to get on the phone with a customer care specialist, but please think about the fact that there is only one location that has customer care. Purity Products has thousands upon thousands of customers, but only about 100 customer care specialists. We try to get through each phone call as quickly and effectively as possible, but when the ratio is 4000:1, please understand that there will be a little bit of a wait!

And just as a side note, be nice to us, and we will help you as much as we can! Yelling and screaming at us from the very beginning will not help either one of us! When you get a free bottle offer, you do agreed to try the products, and give them an honest chance, before cancelling your order. How can you possibly know a product isn't working for you when you have just received it the very same day? We can track the packages, don't try telling us you have had the package for 3 weeks already, when we both know you have only had it for 3 minutes!

If you actually give the products a try, and understand that the policies we have in place are to protect and not hurt you, I'm sure that you will be happy with your experience with Purity Products, regardless of whether you decide to continue receiving the products!


i hate the fact that they continuously try to keep you as a customer. when i call to say i want to cancel my account just do it.

i dont need to hear about your new products or how you can save me some money on other stuff and no i dont want to be put on a waiting period. just cancel my account and yes it is cheaper to go to walmart and get the same stuff.

its cheaper at my local drug store and if i dont want 3 months of the stuff i dont have to buy it. purity products is just a pain in the *** company that wants to keep you as a customer no matter what


I agree with the above negative comments. I am not knocking the product itself, just the marketing scheme.

You should not have to give a credit card to get a free bottle. Garden of Life and New Chapter, which are on eof the leaders in the industry do no use this type of marketing.


I am a Purity Employee. I am one of the few that take those phone calls at 5:30am.

When you are listening to radio on a weekend. I know first hand that you are NOT required to sign up for anything. You are given the choice. If you say all you want is the sample then that is all you get.

If you get more then that then you were not paying attention. We confirm 2 times before we ever hang up the phone. So if you agree to it we verify it. You have several chances till the end of the call to say you don't want signed up for something.

And out calls are recorded. So when you call in and say you didn't know. They can look you up and find your recording and listen to exactly what was said and how it was said. And they do track the packages too.

So please do not jump to conclusions, and be truthful. Remeber things can always be tracked.

And Purity Customer Service is one of the best customer services in the buisness. Just be nice they will help you how ever they can.


The problem with Purity Product is they cannot keep employees at the company, they are either fired or quit after a few weeks or months of employment. The new employees are constantly making mistakes and this is why orders are not cancelled or money is not refunded. Best bet is to go to a local Pharmacy & purchase the products there, the price will probably be less & there will be not agrivations.


If someone is trying to change the minds of angry consumers, it's probably a good idea to have someone with a good command of grammar speak on behalf of the company. You don't give credence to people's complaints by babbling on unintelligibly. Good luck with your job; working in a call center is thankless, I know.


On the radio adds they (purity) say they will give you a free bottle to try free to see if you like it. They give you a 1-800 number.

You call. They wont give you the bottle unless you buy. Plus they want your credit card info so they can ninja your account. It is a scam!

Do not give them your credit card number or checking account number.



The company should hire more customer service reps to give better service and help restart our economy.


This article is informative but the information available is not enough and i need more details.



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