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Purity Products: You can check in but you can't check out.

We want to make sure this issue was resolved completely, but unfortunately we don't have your contact information. We apologize if you feel the customer care specialist was insensitive. If there is any way we can be of further assistance, please call our Customer Care Manager, Joel Joseph, at 1-888-769-7873.
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I was happy enough with the products. (On the other hand, how can you really know if a vitamin is doing you any good or not? With supplements, there's always the placebo effect to think about.)

In any case, my financial situation changed and the Super Saver program had turned into a super disaster. I never had the $200 in my account when it was time for the money to come out so I ended up with overdraft charges. OK, not Purity Products fault. But I just wanted to make clear this isn't a complaint about the product (nor is it an endorsement). It's a complaint about the cancellation process.

First, they won't let you (for "security reasons") cancel on-line (you can do everything else on-line!). You have to call their customer service line where you get routed to a script-reading drug pusher.

But not before you're put on hold for 10+ minutes where you're treated to several annoying infomercials.

When you finally get an operator, you have to explain your reasons for canceling.

Me: "I lost my job and I'm living in a port-a-potty in the park." (I didn't say that, but close enough).

Operator: "I'm sorry to hear that but perhaps I can offer you... blah, blah, blah."

Me: "No, really. I just want to cancel everything."

Operator: "OK. I understand but let me make you aware of blah, blah, blah."

Me: "Thank you, no. I just can't afford it anymore. I never have the money and I get overdraft charges every month. it's destroying my account."

Operator: "I'm sorry to hear that. Perhaps we could suspend your order until August until your financial situation gets cleaned up. You're under no obligation. You can call back and cancel then."

Me: "And go through this again? Look. I've worked in a call center. I know what you're doing. I understand. This isn't personal. I just need to cancel."

Operator: "I'm not taking it personal, I just want to make sure you're aware of your options."

Me: "Thank you. I just need to cancel."

OK. I have to get a cancellation number from my supervisor. I'm going to put you on hold."

Me: "Oh great."

A little cellphone-transmitted smooth jazz begins bleating in my ear. Five minutes later he returns.

Operator: "Hello?"

Me: "Hello."

Operator: "Hello?"

Me: "Yes I'm here."

Operator: "Hello?"

Me: "Oh my God, do not disconnect me."

Operator: "OK. I just talked to my supervisor and he's very disappointed you'll be leaving us.

Me: "Uh huh."

Operator: "Because you're such a long-time customer, he's authorized me to offer you my employee discount."

Me: "Please. I'm begging you."

Operator: "OK, I understand. "

He proceeds to give me my cancellation number and then asks me if I want to take advantage of a special coupon to "buy one get one free" on some featured products.

Operator: "Did you see anything in our catalog that interested you?"

Me: (I may have whimpered a little) "Is my order cancelled? I mean, if I hang up right now, will I be cancelled?"

Operator: "Yes."


There's 20 minutes I'll never get back.

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