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Way overpriced vitamins | Purity Products review from Fenton, Michigan

i ordered the $4 trial omega50…before i could cancel i got a box with 3 more bottles and a $124 credit card charge !!! i was under the impression i would only be charged about $40..boy was i wrong..i called and canceled and finally got a cancel number before they heavy handed me with sales tactics…just go buy some omega red save yourself the rip-off,run around hassle,the credit card charge was the big shocker,how can they charge $124 for three bottles of this stuff ?..they just surprise you with actual price..than they say they will lower the price for you…this company is a sham !!!
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We have just experienced the same scam. We are convinced that this is criminally fraudulent company.

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Problems with payment

Failed Drug Test/ Bad Product | Purity Products review from Clare, Michigan

I took the u.s.b. all in one detoxification system in order to pass a drug test for a new job. I followed the directions exactly, but somehow I still failed. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, I expect something to be done about this. Not only did your product cost me $40.00 but it also cost me a job that I really needed. I was expecting to pass based on the reviews of the product and how much it cost, but was completely unsatisfied once the results came back. I hope someone does something about this, considering the "guarantee".
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Detox is not a drug kit. Go to head shop for that.


Ignore this idiots comments. He actually is going to blam a company for not passing a drug test.

That tells you about his mentality.

Educate yourself a little about what a detox is. Not sure what drug you took but get this IT'S YOUR OWN FAULT!!.


maybe you should blame yourself for losing your job,

stay clean and you would still have a job ***


What in God's name are you even talking about? Purity Products doesn't even offer a product that will clear out drugs and make you pass a drug test. You gave your credit info to someone else entirely.


Well *** they do make the product and you can purchase it in cash at a store. You dont have to give your credit info to anyone.

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Full refund
Purity Products's reply to:

Purity Products - Pure ***

To summarize the call we had with you on 12/17, we cancelled all future orders and will issue a full credit as soon as the package is returned to us. If for any reason you feel the issue is still unresolved, please call our Customer Care Manager, Joel Joseph, at 1-888-769-7873.
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Purity Products Customer Care

Not only did Purity Products charge a card of mine of which its information was NOT GIVEN TO THEM, they did NOT REFUND my money after returning the shipment which I paid to send back with their *** return authorization code. I'd like to shove their magical pills up their fat white ....

What happened to honest business and customer service? They feed you with lies and then take what they can get until someone either notices and tries to work it out on their terms or takes the loss and cuts off their debit card.

It's funny how fast the money comes off your card with the automatic charges but there's no action to satisfy a customer in a timely refund, if the refund comes at all! Purity Products should be banned from the radio and the marketplace, as any business should that wrongfully keeps people's money and steals their information.

Purity Products's reply to:

Purity Products

Hi Denise,

A representative tried to reach out to you to resolve this matter. We believe it’s been resolved. If for any reason you feel the issue is still unresolved, please call our Customer Care Manager, Joel Joseph, at 1-888-769-7873.
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They sent me an order that I didn't order. I had to call twice because I got hung up on the first time.

It's a VERY long wait to talk to a person. When I finally got through to tell them take me out of their system, and I wanted to send it back they said I have to pay to send it back!!!

I even talked to a manager named Michelle, and she said it was their policy and I would have to pay. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone unless you like to have more aggravation in your life!

Purity Products's reply to:

Purity Products - A Pit Bull

We apologize for your experience. We checked and have confirmed that your order was successfully cancelled. If for any reason you feel the issue is still unresolved, please call our Customer Care Manager, Joel Joseph, at 1-888-769-7873.
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Purity Products Customer Care

It is almost impossible to cancel their automatic shipping/billing. You can tell it's a scam when: You send them an email, and they tell you can't cancel by email - why not? You can't cancel by calling the 'order' number - why not? The only way you can cancel is by calling the 'customer service number'.

The automated customer service system will allow you change your automatic shipping quanity, etc, but it won't let you cancel. For this you have to speak to a 'customer service rep'. I was on the phone for 15 minutes before anyone picked up.

The customer service rep wouldn't stop talking - told me all sorts of BS: account was fully customizable (who cares?) - told me they just wanted to make sure that I got all the CO-Q10 I needed, and since it was a 'natural' product - I may need more than the free 30 day supply for it to take effect.

I said no thanks. Then began all the other offers and discounts. I had to be rude, and said I want to cancel and I don't want to buy anything!

This is the worst high pressure, dishonest experience I've ever had with Internet / Mail Order products.

My advice is don't do business with these people.

Purity Products's reply to:

Purity Products plays the "free" card to hook you

We’ve resolved this to the full satisfaction of customer (#101023306). While we understand that the return policy was fully explained and understood, we value customer satisfaction above all else and issued a full refund.
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I wanted to try the Blueberry Detox "for free" like the radio offered, got myself the whole free trial subscription thing, and then when I called to return them the woman told me that her superviser just approved an employee discount if I wanted to keep them. When I told her I didn't think I'd ever use them, she said I could still call and return them for all my money back in the future.

Unfortunately, I didn't fully understand the part about the strict 60 day deadline. When I called 64 days after my original purchase I was told it was too late, but her supervisor just approved an employee discount on my future shipments of the product. What a game. When I finally spoke to a manager, he assured me there was nothing to be done but he'd be happy to take more of my money...

If the initial returns lady would have just let me return them like I'd wanted, I'd be all good.

Now I'm angry I fell for their free hook and snag. Watch out!!!

Purity Products's reply to:

I cancelled and you still sent another product | Purity Products review from East China, Michigan

According to our records for customer #100876600, this issue has been fully resolved. If there is any outstanding issue, please call our Customer Care Manager, Joel Joseph, at 1-888-769-7873.
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Hello, my cust#is 100876600 I called to cancell 3 months ago and was told to wait till july so I sent package back and now you send me another and charged to my credit card. I am sending this package back to you today 7-16-2011 I recieved it yesterday, I am sure your products are good I just can.t afford them now thank you...barbara kimbrough cust# 100876600 this time I will ask for a signature to insure you recieve it...purity products have been in my family for years ..When I heard about this product on radio I wanted to see for myself but for me I only lost weight and that I couldn.t afford(lol) I am bony as is..goodbye

Purity Products's reply to:

Www.PissedConsumer.com | Purity Products review from Lansing, Michigan

We are sorry you feel that way. We have been in business for over 18 years and have more than two million customers and are still growing because of our commitment to excellent customer service.
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I Love this website, www.PissedConsumer.com

How can I support you?

You saved me from making a bad purchase from a disreputable company. (Purity Products).

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, and God Bless You and your website.

Bob from Michigan

PS - I saw that one person on the website implied that the owners of this company "PURITY PRODUCTS" that is selling food supplements, Fish Oil & Vitamins is owned by the type of very greedy ethnic group who will do anything for money. The person who wrote this said that this company was owned by some of those like Bernie Madoff the J-wish thief who stole many Billions of Dollars from investors. It was weird when I read this reveiw and serveral others on this website about PURITY PRODUCTS, because I had that very same feeling just based on the radio informercial that I heard first introducing me to this company and their products. It was that feeling on the inside of me that caused me to Google this company by name and this is how I found this wonderful website PissedConsumer.com

Thanks again for this website.

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