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We want to make sure this issue was resolved, but unfortunately we don't have your contact information. We apologize for your frustration. If this issue is still unresolved, please call our Customer Care Manager, Joel Joseph, at 1-888-769-7873. He will make sure this matter is taken care of fully.

I ordered a "free sample" of special Vitamin D for $4.95 with the understanding that I will be on auto-ship unless I cancel. They shipped my order to Alameda NM instead of Alameda CA even though they had the zip code correct. I am not sure how this is possible but the product never came. I called customer service and got a recording about the system being down because they are having a meeting. Apparently they have really long meetings, because this message comes on every time I call customer service, no matter what time of day or what day of the week. I also emailed customer care asking them to re-send it and restart the clock on the auto ship, and got no response.

Today I called the sales number and said to just refund my $4.95 and never charge me again. The rep said that my order had been cancelled and gave me a "supervisor" named Ryan. First he said that only customer service could issue refunds. Then he changed his mind and said that the $4.95 is non-refundable but that he could try to send me the sample again. He wouldn't say it outright, but the implication is that the auto-ship thing would still apply.

He said that customer care has higher than usual call volume and that is why I can't get through. I guess it is some combination of calls from the people who haven't gotten their orders since they were shipped to the wrong state, and all of those meetings.

In the end I am supposed to try customer care on Monday. I will be watching for additional charges from them. It all felt really sleezy.

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Monetary Loss: $4.

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WOW, too many negative comments about this company to actually give them my CC#. I heard the info-mercial on a Central Cal radio station and wanted to place an order for Vit-D and Fish oil.... That will not happen now.......


I just heard these guys talking on the radio in central CA about the wonders of their products and now I see that they just go around everywhere scaming people.. Thanks for the advice!!


I just heard these guys talking on the radio in central CA about the wonders of their products and now I see that they just go around everywhere scaming people.. Thanks for the advice!!


Sorry to hear about your problems with this company, but thanks for warning me about it. I just saw a commercial for their fish oil and thought about trying it, but now i definitely won't. Good luck on getting your money back.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #114896

Beware of Purity products, there Vitamin D offer is just a way to get your charge card number, I called the number for the free 30 day bottle and was asked about the click ship offer, I said I do not want that, and I would order more as I needed them, well guess what they charged my paypal 164.70 last night and because I gave them the number on the back of my card it is not that simple to stop them, I would highly recommend not to give your card number to no one and not ever to Purity products they are running a huge scam, and should be reported by every one who has this type of theft to them. I made it very clear to them I did not want this 90 day click ship and they forced it on me any way, I will be calling today to get my money back I will keep them forum upto date on what happens, it is a sad shame that these type of Companys are doing this just to get your credit card info, I suggest never to give your credit card info to no one, it is getting very risky these days, these companys are getting brazin and will do anything to get your money, including ripping you OFF.

Beware of Purity Products, and never and I mean Never give your Credit card Bank card or any other Card to them, they will charge you for anything they can. Scammers!


Thank you for the "Heads Up". I recently got ripped off by a similar "free 30 day supply" offer for a different product.

Ending up costig me about $90 vs the $4.95 for shipping. Don't see how these "rip-off artists" can stay in business???


Thanks for the heads up. I am steering clear of this company.

I too hear about the Vitamin D and was interested in trying it. I am running not walking away from this scam :zzz


Dear Zozka,

First let me apologize for the fact that you didn’t receive your free bottle of Dr. Cannell’s Vitamin D in a timely manner, as promised. We ship thousands of free bottles every week and we try to make certain that each customer receives their package as quickly as possible. I am sorry that the package sent to you had a problem. Secondly, our customer service dept. does participate in our monthly company-wide meeting (followed by a 20 minute customer service meeting). It is unfortunate that you called during this time, but I assure you this is the only meeting that customer service participates in during the month. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Based on your letter it seems that there is still an unresolved issue. I respectfully request that you call our Customer Care Management Team directly at toll free 1-888-769-7873 and they will make sure that this matter is resolved to your full satisfaction. Please know we take great pride in our products and our customer service which has helped us maintain an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.


Lori Michel

Q.C. Manager


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