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Purity Products Chris Kilhams Vital Maca Review

Displeased with products. Need a return authorization.
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#802411 Review #802411 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Los Angeles, California
Reason of review
Bad quality
Purity Products's reply to:

Purity Products - Purity impossible to cancel auto ship

We want to make sure this issue is fully resolved, but unfortunately we don't have your contact information. In reading your post it is apparent that you had a very frustrating experience when you called into our customer service call center. We must apologize for that. While our specialists are trained to provide options, it is not meant, in any way, to cause aggravation. If this matter is still outstanding, please call our Customer Care Manager, Joel Joseph, at 1-888-769-7873.
#222014 Review #222014 is a subjective opinion of poster.

I had the most incredible time trying to get out of Purity Products auto ship program. The guy kept on selling to me even when I repeatedly said I am done with Purity Products.

He puts me on hold to get a cancellation number. He is gone forever and returns and says, "Mame, Are you still there." I guess hoping I would hang up and thus remain forever stuck in Purity auto ship. He then says that his supervisor was listening to our conversation and she advises him to tell me to keep me in the program until July to get all those fabulous discounts. I said, "I'm done let me out of auto ship." He ignores me several times until I become so angry I threatened to complain on the Internet, just like I am doing.

Three times I asked him several times to give me the cancellation # and he continues to sell to me. I can't believe the stupidity of what I just went through. I feel like Purity Products dragged me through a knot hole to get out of their *** program.

Run, run, run from this site. It is so not worth it!


Lori Michel seems to have responded with an apology buried in the note. Her mistake.

Mtwyman wanted a 'Mea culpa, mea culp. Mea maxima culpa.' His minor mistake.

His major mistake...WASTING time on this. Has he never bought a car? Carpet? Replacement windows?

Wait until the real awakening.

Caveat emptor.


thanks for the info guys - I won't be ordering from this junk company


Mtwyman.....she wasnt trying to sell you anything she was simply stating the process!!!!


Mtwyman's experience was my experience. It's easier ending a romantic relationship than ending your Purity-Products relationship.

Their transparent but exceedingly maddening upsell tactics have so turned me off that I'll never give them another try.


I was just listening to the infomercial for co-q-max and was tempted to order but wanted to see if there were any complaints on the itnernet, and here I am. Thank you for saving me from the rigamarole...I will just go to whole foods and get my suppliments one bottle at a time :-)


The response from Lori Michel is pathetic. That is no apology from Lori Michel on behalf of Purity Products.

She should have stated, an I am sorry, very sorry is what I would have liked - not some further promotional about their free bottle of product which automatically enrolls you in a super saver program that you have to remember to call and cancel if the product does not make any difference whether you take it or not. Further more the doctor's assistance told me to stop taking it. The so called specialist was not tailoring the program to my needs. He wanted me on the hook to continue paying into the system as he would put my program on hold until July so as he put it I wouldn't miss out on those discounts as the employees receive.

Of course, they would ship me in July and bill me if I forgot to call in July to get out of the program.

I can't believe the boldness of Miss Michel. Run, run, from this company and please no more patronizing nonsense from Purity Products.


Dear Mtwyman,

In reading your complaint it is apparent that you had a very frustrating experience when you called into our customer service call center and for that I must apologize. While it’s true our CS Specialists are trained to provide options, it is not meant, in any way, to cause aggravation. When customers call to get a free bottle of one of our nutritional supplements they are obviously doing so because they feel it will be beneficial. So much so that they oftentimes decide to become part of the Super Saver auto-ship program at that time, taking advantage of a promotional discount price and free shipping. If after they receive and try the product they call to cancel the Super Saver, our Specialists are trained to ask questions about the experience and if a good alternative promotion or product offer is available they present the option. And while customers aren’t always interested, much of the time they are. We always try to tailor offers to meet customer’s specific needs and we do get a lot of very positive customer feedback. I am sorry that was not the case with your cancellation request. If there is anything else we can do to assist you, I invite you to contact our CS Management directly at toll free 888-769-7873 or you can email:

Yours in Good Health,

Lori Michel

Quality Assurance Director


Ihave the proplem about sending the product back. They will not take no for an answer

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Purity Products's reply to:

Purity Products - Amazing Oranges changed their formula/ingredients

According to our records for customer #98752767, this issue has been fully resolved. If there is any outstanding issue, please call our Customer Care Manager, Joel Joseph, at 1-888-769-7873.
#184593 Review #184593 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Purity Products Supplement

Purity Product - Amazing Oranges - They changed their supplement facts/ingredients in their formula. They are giving you less of a product then when I started using it. Here is my last email to them:

To _____:

Are you kidding me. Giving less of a product is not conducive to "the latest" study for health. Absorption has nothing to do with the amount of fruits and vegetables used in your product. I am very disappointed with this whole run-a-round and insufficient information you give us and then you try to mask the real reasons for giving your consumer less of a product. I will no longer be interested in continuing my patronage to your company. I will be buying my own juicer to produce a higher-quality, more advantage drink for myself. It's the quality in a product that the consumer wants, and yours went down hill.


Why does it taste fishy if it doesn't contain fish. :?


:? @Purity Products Worker, why didn't you simply list the differences in this forum? That would do much more for the credibility of your company and your product than telling readers to "call customer care".


I'm sorry you feel this way. Simply because the jar is taller doesn't mean there's less product inside.

It is still a 30day supply.

Additionally the Proprietary citrus blend is higher in mg's than the old formula! If you call customer care we can definitely send you out some information as to the differences between the two.

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