I had a three-month "super saver" order of one of Purity's products. The order was coming up for renewal and they charged my credit card, which, by the time of the charge, had expired (old expiration date).

I entered a dispute transaction with my credit card company, but did receive the product shipment a week later. I decided to accept the shipment, use the three months of product and simply cancel the order. My experience on the phone trying to accomplish that was very frustrating. After first getting caught in the "auto-attendant vortex," I was finally able to speak with a customer service rep.

I told him that I wanted to cancel the super saver order and was then subjected to a 10-minute "sales talk" with him using various tactics to try and convince me to NOT cancel the order and accept an additional "employee pricing" discount. After repeating, several times, my desire to simply cancel the order, I finally had to ask him "what part of 'no' do you not understand?" It took my using that phrase twice for him to finally "get it," cancel my order and give me a confirmation number for the cancellation.

I'm not sure I trust that it's actually cancelled, however, and I plan to send a certified letter, return receipt requested, to the head of Purity's customer service department. I will NEVER do business with this company again!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss order processing issue of coq10 daily melt. Purity Products needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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