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I recently responded to a complimentary juice cleanse , pay shipping only. Had given my credit card information and then politely told the phone person I first wanted to try the product before setting up shipping arrangements for subsequent product. She assured me two or three times I would receive my complimentary juice for paying shipping. Well a week later I called and was told no order had... Read more

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I understood I would pay shipping, and if I wanted to cancel I could. I did so with no problem whatsoever. Later, I ordered other products, and always got what I ordered in a timely manner. When I wanted to switch from auto ship to ordering when I wanted, that was also very simple to do. I think part of the complaints might relate to patience or inability to understand the options given to... Read more

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I purchased the product to try and help improve my vision. At least that's what the plug on the radio said. When placing my order the customer service rep. went down another avenue about what the 2wk free trial pills did. I told her I don't want those I want the ones that help improve your vision. She said, "Oh Yeah, they do that to." My Package was so late I forgot about it. I took the pills... Read more

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I made a big mistake and thought maybe this stuff would be decent. I do a lot of juicing and thought I could use this product when I'm in a hurry and just need a quick juice. Omg... This stuff is awful!!!!!! It contains the artificial sweetener stevia... I took my first swig and thought I was going to throw up!! And the ingredients are a little shady.... I'd like to know, what is "organic... Read more

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I have an account with these folks, but was shocked to discover that I CANNOT cancel the supersaver automatic orders on-line AT ALL. Even when calling into their frustrating automated customer service line, all the options are to change delivery dates, or quantities, etc... No way to cancel, except remaining on hold for a person. After waiting on hold for 10 minutes, they guy kept selling the... Read more

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I ordered the purity product couse it was free I only had to pay the shipping $6.00 but later on after I recived my product I was charged $163.65 for what I don't know ,really mad right now!!!!!!! Add comment

This is the worst company that I have ever had to deal with. When I placed an order with them I told them not to debit my checking account without my consent. Within 14 days they hit it for 147.50.I spoke to 4 different people, put on hold for so long that my phone was poping up low battery. Spoke to 4 different people in 2 weeks and a supervisor that also gave me the run around. They use the... Read more

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After the trial order of Krill Omega 50 they shipped me another shipment $124.80 that I did not order and they would not issue a Pre Paid Return Label although they did give me a RMA to return it on. By looking online Purity is a BIG SCAM. And their customer service people what can I say.... not only you can not understand them but they are very rude. This is the type of thing that makes... Read more

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They are clear that there is auto ship, however, I don't like it either. It would be nice if you could just order when you want to, which may be possible, but it costs more. With auto ship you get a discount. What I do, although it's a bit of a pain, is call their number where you can change the shipping date. If we haven't made it through all our stuff, as we are bad about being consistent, I... Read more

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Made a mistake of ordering from Purity Products and have to admit I liked the product. Three months later a duplicate order arrived. I called and asked, why? Apparently they auto-ship, so I politely asked to please stop auto-shipping and they agreed. a few months later made another order and like clockwork a duplicate order arrived three months later. I called and asked them to exterminate my... Read more

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