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I truly believe Purity Products is nothing more than a Bait and Switch, false advertising company. They offer you a product that they claim is great and guaranteed to work. Then they offer you free trial of this product (which by the way is usually only half of the actual amount is in a normal bottle or canister). The product they send you does in fact work, however that's only to bait you into signing on for an auto shipment. Then here... Read more

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I have been using Purity Products for a few years, I was normally pretty satisfied. However when you try to stop the auto ship you get the run around and the sales person even continue the shipments. What really got me very upset was the customer service tel. # 888-769-7873, You get about 10 ads before you are told to call another #. I was furious. I spoke my sales rep (Patrice) who had been taking my calls in the past and told her to... Read more

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I bought some OJC on a trial basis and the date July 12th was up to pay the full price. It look like it only cost 59.95 but 90.00 dollars was taken out of my account. I would like my 90.00 dollars back in my account. They did not take it on July 12th they took it on a later date. ZIt lloks like they took more than what it cost. I will never use it again. I believe someone should have called to ask if you liked the product and if you want... Read more

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i ordered the $4 trial omega50…before i could cancel i got a box with 3 more bottles and a $124 credit card charge !!! i was under the impression i would only be charged about $40..boy was i wrong..i called and canceled and finally got a cancel number before they heavy handed me with sales tactics…just go buy some omega red save yourself the rip-off,run around hassle,the credit card charge was the big shocker,how can they charge $124 for three... Read more

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My name is Brenda Shaw. This company is a rip off. The ad on tv was convincing so we tried the 14 days supply just shipping for $6.95. Their product sucks! I called before the deadline of trial or else you are automatically enrolled. When I called it was just cut off. No one wants to answer on a regular business hours. I emailed them, it says not delivered but they assumed I'm ordering that product even if I didn't. I couldn't get a hold of... Read more

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Ordered purity products very disappointed and *** sent me one little bottle for $180.00 will never buy anything from them again nothing I got from them did me any good it all a lie and the I bottle was to be a three month supply and customer service was very unhelpful Read more

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How can I stop payment. Somehow they got money thru one of my expired CCs. I am so pissed. Better business bureau complaint will be submitted and stopping anymore orders at my bank!!! I wish I had never ordered a single product, astfx. It upset my stomach, never took more than one. My card expired after trying to cancel. Then they said they shipped and do not know how they could opinion my card was expired. Their website and their... Read more

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Attempts to speak with customer service rep. has proved futile this morning. I am trying to cancel the Super Saver, yet have been unable to do so by phone and computer. I would hate to cancel my credit card in order to do so. They give you a live person in order to place an initial order, give you a recording to modify your order, but put you in a wait process in order to cancel your order. The last recorded message gave me a 16minute wait... Read more

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Displeased with products. Need a return authorization.

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Once you sign up it is very difficult to cancel your account. Because I was fed up with the difficulty in managing my Super-Savings Account - online changes didn't always "take" and we had a cabinet full of excess vitamins - I called in to cancel my account. First, there is no way to do it on line; they REQUIRE you to call in. When you do you are hooked up with a "retention specialist" who questions your reasons for quitting and argues with... Read more

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